Private mentoring

Being able to take good pictures is one thing, but getting the preferred customers and building up a confidential bond with them is just as important. Becoming a good photographer isn’t easy and costs a lot of time and energy. I know this from experience, but I also know what an incredible and cool job this is and that we do this because of our passion for photography!

Whether you’d like to start with wedding photography or whether you’re facing problems of stagnation, I can help you. What do I need, where do I stand, how do I deal with certain circumstances concerning the light, they’re all very practical questions I can answer. But I also focus a lot on personality: who am I as a person and as a photographer, on what aspects do I need to develop further and how do I do this? Because of my background as a psychiatric nurse I’m qualified and competent in coaching people, counselling, and giving insights into personal learning paths. At the school of photography, I was not only taught the basics of photography, but also how to construct and review a good portfolio and how to look at a photo critically en then explain what can be improved and how to do this. By means of taking courses and trainings with other amazing photographers I developed myself further. And I’m still evolving; a good wedding photographer is never finished learning.

Because distinction is very important for a wedding photographer a personal and individual approach is most logical.

I use a (step by step) plan, adapted to your needs and questions, and through these steps everything can be reviewed (and please feel free to ask anything).

It’s maybe good to know that I make a clear distinction between “workshops” and “coaching”. In a workshop I tell you my truths and I teach you what I know. With coaching we exert your power. What are your stronger and less stronger aspects, what is the best way for you to develop yourself and how are we going to do this.

Within a day or part of the day with a trajectory of a year, the following topics can be part of the curriculum: discussion of website, discussion of portfolio, discussion of an “RAW photo-reportage”, improvement of the final processing and workflow (including a back-up plan etc.), journalistic photography, different techniques for using your flash, natural light, settings, materials, contracts, social media, dealing with difficult situations, overcoming fears, getting close to people (how and why), personal strengths and weaknesses, critically reviewing your own work and development (in order to continue your personal development after my coaching trajectory).


How we are going to achieve this is something best told personally. We can do this live, but also by means of Skype or TeamViewer.


As required, we can choose to discuss only parts of course, or, in a longer trajectory, go into certain parts deeper. In advance, via email, our goals will be discussed and it goes without saying that I have gone into your work before that.


When you plan this in the winter period you have plenty of time to seriously and consciously get to work with it and be ready before the next wedding season starts.

Discussion of RAW photo-reportage (90 min.): 100 Euros, VAT excluded
We’ll go through the unprocessed material of one wedding thoroughly. By doing this I can derive general, reoccurring feedback and we can go deeper into situations and/or individual photos.

For just a relatively minor investment you’ll be presented with a number of learning goals that you can work with and to help you further.

Part of the day (3 hours): 250 Euros, VAT excluded

Whole day (6 hours): 450 Euros, VAT excluded, lunch included

Year round (3 hours per month): 150 Euros, per month VAT excluded

Within this trajectory we can really work on your progress and keep adjusting your goals. You can also email me and bother me with important questions at all times. Your development and growth might surprise you and the quality and value of your pictures will increase rapidly.

Ok, let’s go!

I’m a very positive minded person and that’s also how I coach people. I’m good at giving well-founded feedback and I believe constructive feedback works best. Most important is that photography and all its facets must stay a fun activity. You should stay motivated and full of energy in being a photographer. And it’s my job to do so!

Please call me for making an appointment or any question you might have on: 0628679011 or send me an email: