My father’s name is Henk, my grandfather and his father were also named Henk, that’s why my name used to be Henke when I was a child.

Growing up, this name was of course, not suitable anymore. Henk it became: a son, a brother, a friend, a photographer, a psychiatric nurse and a sportsman. I was born in Groningen, lived in Rotterdam and Castricum, but I grew up in Havelte and Meppel. And Meppel is the place I still live today: 15 minutes from Zwolle, 60 from Amersfoort and 90 from Amsterdam. I live here with Kirsten and our daughter Robin. We absolutely adore the Netherlands and enjoy travelling not only around our own country but around the entire world. Besides photography and parties, travelling is our real passion. We simply love people and therefore enjoy making new friends. Love can be found in everything; not only in couples, but in humans in general. And exactly that is what I love to photograph the most and what I’d like to show and give back to you.


Because of my work in healthcare, making connections with people is the biggest strength in my photography; I know how to empathize with others, I know how uncomfortable being in front of a camera can be, but I also know how to make you feel at ease with everything.

Photography is all about feelings and vulnerability, so here we go

My mother used to take the family photos and there used to be a photo album for every year. This, we regularly looked at with lots of pleasure and laughter. It recalls memories. It also made clear who used to be part of our lives and who doesn’t anymore. I think that this sparkled my fascination for photography.

Once living on my own I bought a small camera and continued capturing my life at that time; wherever I went the camera went with me. I had absolutely no idea of composition or photography in general. In 2012, when Kirsten and I went on our first big trip abroad, she got me an Olympus pen and from that moment on I was hooked. For our next trip in 2013 I bought a bigger sized camera and I started studying at the fotovakschool in Rotterdam where I did a ‘Get Visual Minor’. In 2015 I graduated with a photo-reportage from my second term.


My dyslexia brought about my creativity, so please don’t expect flawless communication from me but judge my work and the person I am. Because I was unable to write a decent piece of work, a fear to be in front of a whiteboard originated (and this fear is still there), so I became extremely creative in avoiding certain situations and in ‘writing around words’ and my sentences are sometimes strangely formulated. I also became very adept in overcompensating other things, for example, stealing the show on the dance floor, where I feel free and any sport that I feel attracted to can count on my full attention and effort. Photography is no exception: I simply go for it for the full 100%. My perfectionism ensures that I feel that my work can always be better so I’m trying to improve myself all the time. Well, now that you know my biggest fear and my most vulnerable side I would also love to share my dreams with you….

Bucket list

I feel I am a rich and happy person, hardly anything to wish for left.

Actually, dreaming isn’t the correct word, it’s more like a bucket list: I’d love to tour India, see Daft Punk live, go diving with whale sharks, go kite surfing and shooting your wedding of course! Especially if this wedding takes place in India, Scotland, Norway, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, New-Zealand, Iceland, Morocco, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Mongolia, Chile or Namibia.

My photography

My photography is dark and grainy, cinematic, it has emotion and it shows a feeling. I truly believe that the less you see, the more you feel. I don’t simply capture what it is like, I don’t want to register, I want to show how it feels. Your story should express your feelings.

Being a wedding photographer, I’d like to tell your story from beginning to end. I want to be present when you wake up and I don’t leave before you go to bed. I want to capture everything: your joy as well as your vulnerability. But also, your laughter and your crying which are both inherent to life.


Please don’t ask me to take pictures of you together on the bonnet of your shiny fast wedding car. I prefer a cargo bike, a homemade pie, dancing on sneakers, or going to your favourite spot in the woods with rubber boots on.

Thank you

Thank you so much for considering me into your lives.

I’d love to give you a document, a stamp from the past. Everybody changes, always and all the time. Usually we think that we’re ‘in the present’: we’re there where we want to be, but that’s exactly what we thought 10 years ago… Memories are so incredibly valuable. Just think of your most precious picture and how important it is to own photos like that in your lives.