Terms and Conditions and Business data

Terms and Conditions / Business data

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all legal relations between Henk van Lambalgen Photography and the other party, including quotations and oral or written agreements, as well after ending the contract, unless both parties have explicitly deviated from these terms and conditions in a written manner. A digital signature will be seen as an official confirmation of the given assignment and an accord with the terms and conditions.


All rates as mentioned on the website and in quotations are in Euros and have the 21% VAT included.



After the expiry of payment terms and without notice of default the other party is in default and will therefore be indebted to pay the legal interest, raised by 2%. When the other party is in default or lacks compliance of one or more obligations one way or the other, including a copyright infringement, then all reasonable costs obtaining Henk van Lambalgen Photography’s gratification either with or without legal help will be the other party’s. In case no payment has been received within the agreed term, Henk van Lambalgen Photography has the right to postpone delivery or to terminate the contract.



Henk van Lambalgen Photography will deal with all timely filed complaints regarding delivery or quality. Complaints need to be filed as soon as possible, but at least within ten working days after delivery, to Henk van Lambalgen Photography in writing. Within reason, Henk van Lambalgen Photography will then try to deliver work that is satisfying to the other party.


Henk van Lambalgen Photography is not liable for damage that arose at the other party, unless gross negligence or premeditation of Henk van Lambalgen Photography or people hired by him is involved. Liability in those cases will be restricted to the amount of the invoice.


Henk van Lambalgen Photography points out that only professional equipment is used and that backup cameras and lenses are available at any assignment. If nevertheless any technical or logistic problems arise which cause the shoot to be cancelled or to be insufficient, this will be considered a case of force majeure, beforehand, and Henk van Lambalgen Photography cannot be made to accept liability. Due to these unforeseen circumstances resulting in insufficient work, Henk van Lambalgen can decide to refund the (paid) amount partially or in full.


The bridal couple, or the Master of Ceremonies if there is one, is requested to make sure Henk van Lambalgen Photography is not hindered in any way by other professional photographers or guests who are taking pictures during the ceremony, while at work. It is recommended to ask guests not to take any pictures during the ceremony so everybody, guests and the bridal couple themselves, can enjoy the moment to the fullest. Henk van Lambalgen Photography cannot be held responsible for an aesthetic less successful result when guests’ hands with mobile phones or cameras might appear on the to be delivered photos.



All photos are copyrighted and will stay Henk van Lambalgen Photography’s ownership. Without written authority of Henk van Lambalgen Photography no photo may be used for publication or other purposes. Nor may they be edited or adjusted in any way. Henk van Lambalgen Photography is free to use all pictures taken by him for his own advertising work, his portfolio, on his website, blog, submissions for publications on blogs or in magazines, sample albums or in the context of a trade competition. If Henk van Lambalgen Photography wants to use the material for other purposes he will explicitly request the other party’s permission.


Personal data recorded at an assignment will be used for the processing of that assignment and for the providing of information to the other party. Personal data will not be sold to third parties or be used for other purposes.



If an assignment, due to circumstances of the other party, is cancelled till 3 months before the date of photo-reportage, no supplementary costs will be charged in addition to the deposit. If cancellation takes place between 3 months and 30 days before the date of the reportage, 50% of the total agreed quotation amount will be charged. Within 30 days before the date of the reportage 75% of the total agreed quotation amount will be charged. The deposit will be deducted from the total agreed quotation amount.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances on Henk van Lambalgen Photography’s behalf he is unable to proceed with the assignment, he will do anything in his power to find equal replacement. If no equal replacement can be found, or the bridal couple doesn’t find Henk van Lambalgen’s replacement suitable, the total amount will be refunded.


Change of date

If an assignment is moved to another date, Henk van Lambalgen Photography will still carry out the assignment, if possible. If this new date happens to be an impossible one for Henk van Lambalgen Photography then the proposed scheme as described above in the cancellation section will be applied.


The saving of footage

Footage of shoots will be saved at least 1 year by Henk van Lambalgen Photography. Within this year photos can be requested and an album can be ordered.


When given the go-ahead for a shoot Henk van Lambalgen Photography gives the warranty that he, except for cases of unforeseen circumstances, will be present on the agreed time and that he will execute the assignment as a professional photographer. If Henk van Lambalgen Photography, due to force majeure, is obstructed to be present (on time) then, depending on the result, Henk van Lambalgen Photography can decide to refund the deposit or the amount paid partially or in full. Unforeseen impediment will however never give rise to a compensation for damage.


Post Processing

Post processing is in line with the photos displayed on www.henkvanlambalgen.com. The selection of the to be delivered photos will be done by Henk van Lambalgen. Besides that, it is Henk van Lambalgen Photography’s freedom to make a creative choice when delivering pictures in b&w or in colour.



Delivery of photos will take place up to a maximum of eight weeks after the date of the photo-reportage. For the digitally composed album an additional four weeks.

With regard to the digital albums, they will be designed in accordance with the other party’s wishes. A concept design will be put online. The other party can suggest changes after having looked at the concept design. The draft will then be adjusted to the other party’s wishes and then the album will be ordered.

Company details

Henk van Lambalgen Photography

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Email: info@henkvanlambalgen.com
Telefoon, SMS, WhatsApp: +31628679011

KvK: 57598231

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