Michael & Ines - Bergen aan Zee


Again a beach wedding! I love my job! And I fell in love with Michael and Ines. You guys are awesome! If you have your priest and the ex owners of your wedding venue as your day guests, you have a great look at life. We also felt amazingly welcome and really a part of the family and friends. Like it sounds, it was a great day.

Michael and Ines live in Germany and found me through “Fearless photographers”. Bergen is a place where they come for holidays since their youth. They decided that they want to get married there, at the beach. So they gathered all their family and friends and made one big party!

We started at mam’s apartment in the center of Bergen were Michael and Ines had their "first look". After a bit of champagne, we went right off for the first shoot. I always like to plan more than one shooting moment. At the end of the day the light is always better, we are more accustomed to each other and once you’re married, you are way more relaxed... After the shoot we chilled a little at the B&B from Michael and Ines, before going to the beautiful Ruin Church in the middle of Bergen. Thats where they got married, it was beautiful. More champane and of cource a few Heineken later we were on the road in an cool old English bus… To the beach!

The rest is history. Lets say that we are happy that we took “some” pictures. It was a party from the moment we arrived at the beach club untill the end! It was half past twelve when we left, but it took two more hours for the adrenaline level to come down.

Germans know how to party! I also think it works to take all your friends and family to a new inspiring place to build a party together ;) So if you go abroad, give me a call, I love to travel!

Michael and Ines, I will never forget you and let me know if you come to The Nethelands again so we can grab a beer!

Much love!